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Happy 50th, Jackie! (And Happy 101st too!)

This weekend Jackie Chan’s 101st movie opened in theaters across China. He filmed his first kung fu movie in 1962, making this year his 50th in the business. (50th!)

Neither of these feats is as remarkable or as surprising as the fact that the guy is still alive. I like to think the dojos I came up in were pretty hard core, and I have my share of surgical scars to prove it, but Jackie has broken, sprained, dislocated, or ruptured just about every part of his body. My hat is off to anyone who can list “hit in the head by a helicopter” among his injuries.

The good people at Cracked have provided this helpful diagram of The Man’s many wounds over 50 years of filmmaking. Jackie, if you’re still up to it, my life dream is for you to kick me through a plate glass window. So long as someone captures it on film, I don’t care what part of me you break.


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