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Great balls of fire

The fantasy I write tends to be pretty muted. The characters in Only a Shadow have no trouble believing in the magic sword they’ve set out to steal, because A) they live in the 1400s, where belief in sorcery was common, and B) they’re ninja, so magical mudras and mantras are a normal part of their training. I like “realistic” magic, if there is such a thing: magic that blends into the background, without knocking the world out of whack.

Until tonight, I figured I’d never write a story with a lot of wizards running around the streets throwing fireballs at each other. That never quite fit into the category of “realistic” magic for me... until tonight. Check out
this video of a real live fireball throwing jamboree in El Salvador. It ain’t magic, but it sure is a bunch of people running around the streets throwing fireballs at each other.