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Happy Pub Day!

Today is publication day for Only a Shadow, released a month early to whet your whistle for the next story of the Fated Blades, Daughter of the Sword. This is my second published novella and my first electronically published anything, so I’m very happy this day has finally arrived!

As if to celebrate pub day, I got an e-mail from my agent this afternoon confirming that HarperCollins wants to publish
Only a Shadow in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks, Aussies and Kiwis, for your interest in my work! I’m looking forward to flying down to visit some of you in your hemisphere next spring.

And also in celebration of pub day, I’ve officially entered the blogosphere. Here is my very first guest post,
“Why swords?” My host is The Qwillery, where Daughter of the Sword was selected for their Debut Author Challenge.