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Debrief from New York Comic Con

Well, I’m back.

So said Sam Gamgee in
Lord of the Rings, and as luck would have it, this weekend I was in the room with Samwise himself! At NYCC this weekend, Sean Astin and I were signing autographs in the same area. (Though not in the same league; the line for his autograph was a wee bit longer than mine! On the other hand, I don’t know how many other people ever get asked to sign a baby, so maybe I’ve got a leg up on him there.)

NYCC autographing session Small Baby Signing

I also saw the original Batmobile and Batcycle, plus Boba Fett playing the accordion, Stormtroopers in lingerie, and some epic Lego creations, including a life-size construction of the Incredible Hulk. I even got to shake hands with the real Incredible Hulk (i.e. Lou Ferrigno), as well as the undisputed King of the Four-rounder (i.e. Butterbean), and I passed within six feet of the greatest actor of our time (i.e. Adam West). All in all, a pretty great weekend!