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Daughter of the Sword goes mass market

Daughter of the Sword is going to appear in mass market paperback next September, and today my editor sent me the flap copy to review. One of the really cool things that happens when your book gets a second printing is that the publisher can include a few pages listing all the praise you’ve collected from reviewers. I’ve really enjoyed reading the reviews as they’ve come in, but seeing all of the highlights in one page blew my socks off.

Shameless, maybe, but I have to share:

“A noir modern Tokyo overwhelmed by the shadows of Japanese history…A compelling multifaceted vision of a remarkable culture, and a great page-turner.”—Stephen Baxter, author of Stone Spring

Daughter of the Sword really captured my imagination. The interweaving of historical Japanese adventure and modern police procedural, Tokyo-style, caught me from two unexpected directions.”—Jay Lake, author of Endurance

“Effortlessly combines history and legend with a modern procedural…will have you staying up late to finish it.”—Diana Rowland, author of
Sins of the Demon

“An authentic and riveting thrill ride through both ancient and modern Japan. Definitely a winner.”—Kylie Chan, author of 
Heaven to Wudang

“Bein’s gripping debut is a meticulously researched, highly detailed blend of urban and historical fantasy set in modern Tokyo…Bein’s scrupulous attention to verisimilitude helps bring all the settings to life, respectfully showcasing Japan’s distinctive cultures and attitudes.”—
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A great police procedural urban fantasy that deftly rotates between Mariko in present day Japan and other warriors in past eras.”—
Genre Go Round Reviews

“[O]ne of the best debuts I have ever read…an epic tale that heralds the emergence of a major talent.”—Fantasy Book Critic

Daughter of the Sword reads like James Clavell’s Shogun would have if it had been crossed with high fantasy by way of a police procedural.”—Otherwhere Gazette

“Beautiful writing, a smart and resilient protagonist who meets her match in a coldly demented villain.”—
All Things Urban Fantasy

“[An] impressive debut…Bein’s breadth of knowledge about Japanese culture and history makes this story believable and will satisfy anyone looking for a fast-paced mystery with a fantasy edge.”—
RT Book Reviews