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Happy Thanksgiving! Pass the Beans.

So I finally got the audiobook of Daughter of the Sword. Despite the fact that I own a Kindle, I’m not so good with technology, so I needed help getting the book onto my device. I got it just in time for Thanksgiving, so I could go home and show the fam.

I’ll start by saying that my experience working with Audible has been really great. When they contacted me to express their interest in
Daughter, I said I felt very strongly that the reader should be able to correctly pronounce all the Japanese names in the book. Audible said sure, no problem, and they made good on their word, hiring actress Allison Hiroto. Seeing her last name is Japanese, I thought, okay, I’m in good hands. Even so, for weeks I’ve been looking forward to hearing her and confirming that she got all the Japanese right.

She did. She’s great. The only name they didn’t get right in the audiobook is mine. The first line: “Audible presents
Daughter of the Sword, by Steve Bean.”

Well, that will happen. Everyone gets my family’s name wrong. (It’s “Bine,” not “Beene.”) I hasten to add that Audible has already fixed the problem, and that their ability to fix this in a matter of days speaks as much to their professionalism as their ability to have produced the thing in the first place. (No hating on Audible!)

The upshot of the error was that playing my audiobook got a lot of laughs from the family, and it was really a lot of fun. I’m no good in the kitchen, and since everyone else brings something delicious, at least this year I could bring something hilarious.

Thank you, Audible! For the error and for the swift correction!