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Do I finally get my jetpack?


It’s about damn time! Ever since kindergarten, people have been promising me a jetpack. Granted, those were cartoon people, but still. Marvin the Martian had some sweet rides, and Tex Avery’s “Cars of Tomorrow” made it pretty clear that by the time I was old enough to drive, I’d be able to fly. I mean, Elroy Jetson was a putz, and even
he had a jetpack.

Well, at long last, they’re
finally making progress on anti-grav technology. I don’t understand what took them this long, but I’m glad that engineering professors the world over are finally taking Mr. Avery a little more seriously. CERN’s lab seems to have a leg up, but might I suggest to the good people at Suzuki that while I enjoy my V-Strom very much, I’d be even happier on that kick-ass hoverbike in the beginning of Star Trek.


Props to artist Johnny Eaves for the cycle sketches, and to the Smithsonian, which takes jetpacks so seriously that they have a
24-part series on the Jetsons. At the Smithsonian.