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Star Trek meets BisQuik

So it’s Sunday morning, and at my place that means pancakes. Truth to tell, I’ll take any excuse to eat pancakes. I could eat them at least seven times a week and never get sick of them. But I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed. Not by any stretch of the imagination, as a guy named Nathan Shields will soon prove to you.

Today is also May 12, and that means the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek film comes out this week. I’m not a Trekkie. Truth to tell, the only reason I know anything about Star Trek is that some of my best friends in college were Trekkies, and if you spend a lot of days hanging out with a Star Trek episode playing in the background, you sort of learn the stuff through osmosis. So I get all the Shatner jokes, but I’m not obsessed. Not like Mr. Shields.


At first glance, I thought these were poor line drawings, maybe with a leaky brown marker. Nope. They’re pancakes. My man Nathan Shields makes them for his kids for breakfast. And not just Star Trek. This was just a random one-off thing. He makes Leonardo da Vinci pancakes on Leonardo’s birthday, and Charles Darwin pancakes on Darwin’s birthday. He does Angry Birds pancakes and then flings them at his children. He does animals, animal footprints, even animal
droppings. He even makes three-dimensional structures.

How can you not love this man? Check out the rest of his work
here. I have only one complaint: his Dr. Seuss pancake (made for Dr. Seuss’s birthday, of course) does not come with a side order of green eggs and ham.