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Happy Pub Day!

Happy Pub Day! Year of the Demon hits shelves today, and I’m pleased to say it has been meeting with some very nice reviews. All Things Urban Fantasy called it “excellent” and likened my work to that of James Clavell -- the highest of high praise, in my opinion, because Clavell is one of my all-time favorites. (The reviewer’s too. Good taste, ATUF!)

This reviewer made one comment that I found especially flattering, despite the fact that technically it’s a warning against reading my novels:

Since I’m writing this review for All Things Urban Fantasy I almost feel as if I should warn folks that this is very much not your typical urban fantasy. The magic in this world is ancient and subtle and very much not front and center like most novels of the genre. I hope that doesn’t scare off curious readers because that is very much a good thing. In a field that lends itself so often to copycat rehash novels of whatever trope is currently popular it is fantastic to find a novel that doesn’t use any of them.

So yeah, no fireball spells illuminating the streets of Tokyo. You’ll have to live with LEDs and neon. But I think there’s enough action front and center to keep you turning pages while that ancient, subtle magic does its thing.