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The newest addition to the saga of the Fated Blades is the novella Streaming Dawn, an e-book exclusive available for any platform.


Happy Pub Day!

Only A Shadow comes out in audiobook format today! I’m excited to listen to it; this one has a new narrator I haven’t heard before.

By the way, thanks to everyone who came out to Barnes & Noble about a week ago. I’ve just scheduled the next public event of
Year of the Demon. I’ll be doing a reading at 3:30 on December 9th in Milne Library, which is located on the campus of SUNY-Geneseo. The event is not limited to Geneseo students only, and in fact if you’re not a student, staff member, or faculty member at Geneseo, you get really good parking spots. So if you’re in that neck of the woods on the afternoon of the 9th, please do stop by.

Milne is also hosting a Celebrate Geneseo Authors event on November 20th. Guests of honor are all those Geneseo scholars who have published academic work in the last year. (Some 50 faculty and more than 30 students!) I’ll be there because of
Compassion and Moral Guidance, not for the Fated Blades.

I highly recommend the event to everyone who likes university life and to everyone who likes dessert. Last year’s cookie tray was to die for.