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Top five!

This week’s issue of Library Journal lists their picks for the best novels of the year. I was thrilled to see their top five in sci-fi and fantasy includes Year of the Demon! Here’s what they had to say in their starred review:

Bein’s sequel to Daughter of the Sword adds new complications to Mariko’s story and opens a window onto modern Japanese culture as seen through the eyes of its crime fighters.... Vibrant and unforgettable characters combine with Japanese history and fast-paced action to create an urban fantasy for fans of Asian culture. (LJ 10/15/13)

LJ best of SFF 2013

the rest of the list, I see I’m in honored company. Surely the most notable is Stephen R. Donaldson, whose The Last Dark is the tenth and final volume of the Thomas Covenant series. Those books have been making best-of-the-year lists since 1977. And I’m very pleased to see The Golden City on the list too! It’s the debut novel from my friend J. Kathleen Cheney. Go J!