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Sweet Home Chicago Comic Con

I am confirmed for 2014’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, aka C2E2, aka Chicago Comic Con. This is hands down my favorite public event. I enjoyed New York Comic Con, but 100,000+ people in three days was a little much. Chicago is a much more manageable 35,000+ over three days -- still a madhouse, but it doesn’t make you want to start screaming and throwing elbows.

My dates aren’t confirmed yet but I’ll post ‘em when I have ‘em. In the meantime, you can visit
C2E2’s web site to see who else is coming. There are already some big names on the docket, including the man who meant more to my childhood than Santa Claus. That’s right, Stan Lee. Creator of Spider Man and his Amazing Friends, perhaps the most important children’s literature of the 2oth century. Definitely the most important children’s literature on Saturday mornings in 1982.

stan leeSpider-Man_and_His_Amazing_Friends_Season_2_2