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Hmm... what's going on here?

I’ve been thinking about a quote from the latest

Daughter of the Sword


“I am floored by how much I absolutely loved this book, and I’m completely astonished that more people haven’t already read it. 

Daughter of the Sword

is one of those rare gems that shines so bright, but really doesn’t get the attention it deserves.”

Bookworm Blues

If it’s not too terribly egomaniacal to say it, I want to +1 that sentiment. Astonished is a pretty powerful word, but I’ll admit to being at least a little surprised that the Fated Blades books haven’t drawn more readers than they have.

All authors must feel this way now and again. Let’s face it: a lot of garbage reaches the NYT bestsellers list. Some of that garbage even gets made into a major motion picture, and sends piles of cash back home to an author who now gets to swim in a giant pool of money like Scrooge McDuck.

This, of course, leaves all of us who aren’t drowning in money to wonder why such garbage is outselling our beautiful works of earth-shattering genius.

Okay, so not quite that, either. But still, reviews for the Fated Blades have been pretty damn good. So why aren’t more people reading these books?

I don’t know. In one sense it doesn’t matter; my only game plan is to write the best book I know how to write, then write the next one.

But given all the senses that do matter, what I’m supposed to do now is tell you Christmas is coming and you should buy Daughter of the Sword and Year of the Demon for all your friends and relatives. So yeah, do that.

Better yet, pre-order Disciple of the Wind for all of them, since pre-orders can actually be more important than point-of-purchase sales.

Seriously, though, if you’re reading this -- if you even know this site exists -- then you’ve probably read my books. If you like them, then buying them for your friends tells my publisher that you want to see more of them. If you’re dead broke, just tell others to read the Fated Blades; advice from a friend still sells more books than any other advertising strategy.

And thanks!