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A book of firsts

Happy Pub Day! Yes, I know St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday, but I’m talking about a different kind of pub. The US release of The Time Traveler’s Almanac drops today, and Yours Truly has a story in there. This book is a first for me in many ways:

  • My first reprint sale. My story in this volume, “The Most Important Thing in the World,” first appeared in Asimov’s, and the VanderMeers liked it well enough to bring it back. (From the past. Into the present. Like a traveler through... well, you get it.)
  • My first OMG TOC. This table of contents is amazing. It’s the 1927 Yankees of science fiction: H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, George R.R. Martin, William Gibson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ted Sturgeon, Tanith Lee... well, the list goes on. And I’m on the list. Crazy.
  • My first book trailer. Not my trailer, really, since it’s not my book. But I’m in there, dammit, and it has a trailer. You can watch it by clicking the link


  • My first book heavy enough to use for home self defense. Burglars beware: this thing packs a wallop like Jean Claude Van Damme.
  • My first book of required reading. If you know anyone who likes sci-fi and fantasy, this is on their birthday wish list. For reals.
  • The first book I’d actually prefer to read on an e-reader. I’m a huge fan of my Kindle, but I’ve never lost that nostalgic love for the feeling of paper in my hands. This book is hefty enough to become the first exception. I’ll still keep it on the nightstand, but it’s to beat up intruders.