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C2E2 debrief, and an MCC update

I’m back in Minnesota after a very successful C2E2. (Pics to follow.) I signed more books at this con than at all the rest put together, which probably means these books are picking up steam. Many, many mahalos to everyone who came to the panel, stopped by the autographing tables, and visited Penguin’s booth to pick up a free copy of Daughter of Sword!

C2E2 DotS among thieves

While sitting at the autographing tables, I struck up a conversation with
Doug Hulick, a fellow author who is also a fellow martial artist. Doug trains primarily in European swordsmanship, and as it happens, he’s based in Minneapolis. That makes him the perfect partner for my panel this Saturday at Minneapolis Comic Con.

So now it’s not
my panel, it’s our panel, and I’m really excited to have Doug aboard. Here’s the blurb for Martial Arts and the Art of the Fight Scene:

There is nothing lowbrow about kick-ass action scenes! At least not according to award-winning novelist Steve Bein and Locus best-selling novelist Doug Hulick. Together, the two have over thirty years of experience in the martial arts, both Asian and Western. Join Steve and Doug in a discussion about what makes for great fights and gripping action sequences in fiction. 

That’s this Saturday at 4:00 in room M100 I in the Minneapolis Convention Center. You won’t believe the star power Wizard World has lined up for this event. But don’t let those celebs distract you at 4:00!