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Update, and Happy Pub Day!

Well, I’m back. It’s been three months since I’ve posted anything here, and let me tell you, this summer has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

First things first: I finished
Disciple of the Wind! My agent says this is the best one yet. My editor got to the book right away, and her editorial letter was very short, which is another way of saying she thinks the book is pretty damn good.

As with
Daughter and Demon, the comments from my agent and editor made the book much stronger. One of the unexpected turns in developing this book is that it looks like Kaida is going to get her own stand-alone novella. (At least one, maybe more!) I’ll have more to say about that later, once plans firm up.

Apart from writing, the big news is that I’ve moved to Austin, to take up a teaching position at TExas State University. Everything really is bigger in Texas: one of the first things I saw here was a 99-can case of beer.


Anyhow, when I wasn’t spending time writing
Disciple, I was packing, unpacking, selling one home, finding another one -- you know, the kind of chores that make it tough to update a site’s newsfeed on a regular basis.. Sorry ‘bout that. Now that my life is settled in one place, I plan on getting back to posting twice a month.

Last thing: tomorrow is another Happy Pub Day! The mass market edition of
Year of the Demon hits shelves tomorrow. Cover price is eight bucks cheap, so you can buy one for all your friends and family.


Look for another post soon about New York Comic Con and Dr. Who!